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Microsoft Project Office

BL Winchester Ltd planners and analysts use Microsoft Office Project Professional 2007 and 2010. Its robust usability, power and flexibility allow us to manage schedules efficiently and effectively. We can work either with your software and data or operate independently. 
How we support the Project/Programmme Manager is dictated by the client. Either simply update existing plans and files or from project documentation we will create your new plan from understanding the scope, requirements and deliverables. The plan will be built with the project managers guidance, known constraints and assumptions. Project statement, WBS, OBS and statement of works. The process flow and linked dependencies with tasks correctly assigned with the appropriate resource skill set and availability. Subsequent fine tuning of durations to satisfy time and budget constraints or accommodate final changes.
Examine cash flow and resource usage and if necessary consolidate with other projects into a portfolio plan for business assessment. Prepare scheduling reports for stakeholders to review.
On project execution our scheduler/planner tracks progression by gathering progress from team members on what has been accomplished and what is yet to be done.   

Analyse the schedule to compare actual against planned for project performance in dates and costs. Revise the schedule for changes from unforeseen circumstances, and carry out what - if analysis before making modifications.

Risks and opportunities in time, resources and costs are identified, assessed and controlled. Communicate to team members who are affected by changes. E-mail various progress reports as required by the business rhythm. Some of the reports available can be seen below.

Our planners/schedulers utilise electronic communication giving clients the most cost effective solution to virtual scheduling and planning. Industries have been extremely successful using WebEx teleconferencing for schedule reviews throughout the world.

We can bring the customer, contractor, suppliers, engineers, specialists and scheduler together simultaneously for schedule development and review meetings with each member in their own office, reducing time and costs. If required we will work directly with stakeholders to develop a practical and manageable schedule that give all the opportunity to succeed.

Please see reports available below

  • Cash Flow
  • Baseline Cost
  • Baseline Work
  • Remaining Work
  • Remaining Cost
  • Work Availability
  • Written reports highlighting scheduling risks and issues
  • Combine Multiple Programs
  • Program Gantt Chart
  • Critical Path
  • Progress % Complete
  • Resource Profiles
  • Earned Value Analysis Views